Marketing Solutions for Home Improvement Contractors

Do you own a contracting company? If so, than you really need to understand the importance of generating leads and how it can influence your companies overall success. Every business needs leads to flourish and during tough economic times the companies that have mastered lead generation will have a less difficult time.


Some people think that it is an expensive undertaking to create leads for your business. Using a chat feature on your website is one way to help convert visitors into customers and there are several free and paid plugins available for wordpress sites. More and more people are becoming more comfortable with the internet and find the chat feature more comfortable than picking up the phone.


Outsourcing your lead generation activities is a cost effective way to get more leads without spending big dollars on ads. Lead generation companies have already perfected the advertisement message and know the best place and time a of day to run ads based on what your company does.


Now don’t confuse hiring an ad agency to run ads on your behalf with a lead generation company. An ad agency will charge you a flat rate per month and a percentage of your ad spend. This requires a large outlay of cash each month with no assurance of the results. A lead generation company will create and pay for all of the ads that they create and only charge the company for leads generated for thier efforts. Some lead generation companies will share a lead with 3, 4 and sometimes 5 companies. This is a big win for the lead generation company lets say they are charging the companies $10 per lead and they share it with 5 companies. They make $50 for every lead they generate while the companies are left bartering price to get the customer. That is an uncomfortable and frustrating position for the company buying leads.

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When you are ready to pay for leads look for a company that provides exclusive leads. This means that the leads they sell are only sold to one company. You’ll pay a little more for the lead but you won’t find yourself bartering on price or trying to negotiate with a customer for the business. If you have a solid sales script and great phone skills you’ll find that you can close more than half of the leads.


Lead generation has been around for years and has really been perfected in the last few years as more and more people are mobilized and turning to the internet for products and services needed.


If you are a contracting company or do any work in the in the home improvement niche you’ll want to reach out to this company for your lead generation. They provide exclusive leads and don’t require a long term contract. Leads for Contractors